Every puppy owner asks himself this question before starting to practice with his pet.

Let’s try to answer it. How is it proper to train the puppy? First, let’s look at your puppy, because after all it’s up to you to educate, it’s not some abstract puppy from the Internet, but you’re most that will not be a real present, with all its merits and demerits. Each puppy has, of course, his character and behavior, unlike anybody, but still, the nature of your puppy and his behavior can be decomposed into the shelves and determine how you need to deal with it.

There are two criteria: the type of the higher nervous activity and the response to the food and game. We understand that it can sound scary, but if you do not quit reading at this place, you would realize that there is nothing terrible in the puppy training.

Let’s start with a complicated, what is it the terrible term “the type of the higher nervous activity”? In fact, everything is straightforward, the dogs, are like people, and they have the division into the choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic in behavior. The last ones are infrequent among dogs, for example, I have never met anyone in my life. The melancholics are already more in a clinical case. There are remaining three types, which, by their names, speak for themselves.

  1. The sanguine is the classic type of the behavior when the excitation and the inhibition are in balance, and the puppy reacts equally quickly to some stimulus and promptly calms down.
  2. The choleric is the type of the behavior when the processes of the excitation predominate over the means of the inhibition. Such puppy does not sit still for any minute, as if the puppy has a motor inside.
  3. The phlegmatic type is the opposite of choleric. Here, on the contrary, the processes of inhibition prevail over the means of excitation. The phlegmatic type is a relatively rare type of the behavior, and if you have a phlegmatic puppy, you will notice it.

Why do you need to know the type of the puppy’s behavior? The answer is simple; when we see the kind of puppy’s behavior, then we can correctly develop a program for the puppy training because the training techniques those are in use for the phlegmatic and choleric are very different.

Now you need to determine what is your puppy more interested in eating or playing. Knowing it is necessary for the understanding of which method of the training to choose from the wide variety of the techniques. The interest in eating or playing does not depend on the type of nervous activity.

It is effortless to determine this, take a treat and a toy with you for a walk. While walking, when the puppy has run up to you, give your puppy a piece of delicacy, if the puppy “had torn it off from your hands” and did not leave, begs for more, then your puppy is a “food processor.”  You also can confirm this method, by the way, he eats, and these puppies quickly eat up their portion and ask for supplements.

After you have tried with a delicacy, try the same option with the toy. If the puppy has run up and is interested in the toy and the puppy does not want to run away from you, then it is positive news, you can use the game method of training. The puppy can be interested in eating and playing. Maybe the puppy is interested in food and not involved in the game with the toy, and it can be perhaps vice versa. The option, when the puppy is not interested in food or toys is very, very rare, and you have such a puppy it is better immediately to consult a professional dog trainer, of course, if you are sure that the puppy is healthy.

When you have determined the type of the nervous activity of the puppy and its relation to eating/playing, then before you is the whole range of the training methods that are suitable for your puppy. Consider the most common options:

  1. The ideal option and, not oddly enough, the most common, your sanguine puppy and is interested in eating and playing. It means that you can choose a method of training that you like more, both taste-encouraging and playing method. With such a puppy it’s easy to do, and you hardly can make mistakes.
  2. Your puppy is choleric and is interested in both eating and playing. Such kind of puppy is also perfect, especially for the working dog. You can choose any method of training, but you need to remember that in a choleric puppy the excitation is prevailing over the inhibition. For the puppy to be actively addicted to the game is not necessary, because if the puppy becomes overexcited from the game, then it will take much more time to calm the puppy, so do not abuse the game.
  3. Your puppy is a sanguine type and is interested in eating, as they say, a classic of the genre of the Soviet dog training school. There are no questions, the taste-encouraging method of training and no problems will arise.
  4. Your sanguine puppy is interested in the game; it also does not have any problems with the using the game method of training, which is especially popular with our Western colleagues.
  5. Your puppy is a choleric is interested in eating, this is also an excellent option, and the taste-encouraging method of training will allow you to solve all the problems with training.
  6. Your puppy is choleric and is interested in the game, the game method of training will bring much fun to you and your puppy but do not overdo it with the game so that the puppy will not lose control.

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